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eNASCAR Crew Chief / Spotting Services

eNASCAR Crew Chief / Spotting Services

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Here At RYCO Performance we offer a service for iRacing enthusiasts looking for professional assistance in maximizing their racing experience. Ken Biron who is a eNASCAR Coke Series / Contender Series Spotter / Crew Chief will be on your box helping you navigate through your race event! 

  1. Spotter Services: Ken will act as your spotter, providing guidance and assistance during your races. A spotter is crucial in sim racing, as they help you navigate the track, avoid accidents, and make strategic decisions.

  2. Crew Chief Services: Ken will make changes to your car based on your feedback and what you're feeling during the race. This includes adjusting various settings to optimize your car's performance.

  3. Strategies and Data: Ken will use the same strategies, adjustments, and data that their professional team uses during your races. This can help you make informed decisions during your races.

  4. One-on-One Communication: Ken will connect with you through in-race chat, providing you with real-time guidance and advice to enhance your racing experience.

It's important to note that while we can provide professional guidance and assistance, we cannot guarantee on-track results because racing outcomes depend on various factors. However, having a dedicated person to support you during races can undoubtedly improve your performance and overall experience.

Head over to our Calendar and book your time slot, and once we follow up to confirm with you then you would purchase your time you have booked! Calendar here:

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