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2024 iRacing Sebring 12HRs Special Event 11 Car Pack

2024 iRacing Sebring 12HRs Special Event 11 Car Pack

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Welcome to the RYCO Performance Premium Road Subscription

This pack includes all 11 cars that are eligible for the iRacing Sebring12 Hours Special Event! Our Data Packs come complete with everything you need to elevate your performance from Beginner to Advanced level drivers! 


Performance Manager PRO LEVEL Access for 7 Days. Giving you the ability to test and use our Input Comparison tool to get you more consistent in your preparations for the upcoming race all the way up to race day! 


Cars Included:

- Acura GTP


- Cadillac GTP

- Porsche GTP

- LMP2

- Ferrari GT3

- Mercedes GT3

- Audi GT3


- Lambo GT3

- Porche GT3

Included in each Data Pack:

- Wet & Dry Race Setups

- Wet & Dry Qualifying Setups

- Track Video

- Telemetry Comparison Laps

- Pro Built Setups

- White Glove Customer Service



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